Sunday, 18 January 2009

With Hope and Happiness!!!

Happy New Year to all! 

Beginning with the family back in India, 2009 looks full of hope and happiness to me (atleast the past 18 days have been) as I have the following things to look forward to:

  • I'll be turning 21 this year. I am really looking forward to being an adult. I love my past, I am excited about the future but most importantly I am enjoying my present
  • Tupin is back. My group is complete and my friends are happy. We have awesome time together.
  • My Partner is also back.. Yay!! :D
  • For a major part of the year, I'll be working in a company I just love working for. The past couple of weeks have been awesome and I am really looking forward for more..
  • I am going to US and most probably for a Euro trip. If the Euro Trip doesn't work out, I will definitely spend some time in Paris or Amsterdam.
  • I am lessening my AIESEC commitments. So, I will enjoy my University Life for a change.

There are a couple of other travel plans too (Yes, I am inflicted by the travel bug).. But they are not confirmed or high on my priority list! I really hope that this year is full of the kind of happiness it presents at this moment..