Tuesday, 10 March 2009

In Love with 'Macha'!!

Well.. If you have met me in the past 3-4 days then you will know what I am referring to.. 'Macha', 'Da', 'Chumma' have been added to my vocabulary and have been placed in a special function which is run every time I communicate.. Now its not that I had never heard these words, but one of my colleagues does complete justice to these words when he uses them and since then I have started liking them.. Specially Macha.. I think it is a very very cute word :P

Now I think that its such a cute word that I should not waste it on everyone, specially the people who get irritated when I use it.. So I have finally shortlisted 3 machas :)

  • Preeti Macha: Apart from the fact that she has to be a part of everything I do, I think the way I use Macha for her is different from how I use it with everyone else.. I don't remember now whether I caught the habit of Macha by her over-using it or was it the other way round, but now we both use it a lot.. Our SMSes are Awesome Macha, tell me when you are back da.. Macha, I am hungry.. and even one of our emails was titled Macha!!!! So, my top Macha is Preeti :)
  • Shankar Macha: Well, being a South Indian himself, Shankar understands the importance of the word.. And also, I like the way he laughs when we use Macha coz a lot of times we use it in a wrong way or are over-using it..
  • Bharat Macha: I think Macha suits him more than his name (The name is very good but he is such a Macha :) ).. And I just realized that I have never called him Bharat, I have been calling him Macha only..
But being a Google Era girl, I googled Macha, which gave me weird results. Then I googled, Macha South India and my favourite favourite Urban Dictionary enlightened me..
Here are some of the meanings:
  • Literally is term for brother-in-law (wife's brother). Used more commonly as an addressal to friends - So its more like Saala in North India.. I don't like using Abusive words for addressing friends so I will neglect my knowledge of this meaning. Just like how I call Ker Ying a Chikopeck coz both Ker Ying and the word Chikopeck are cute.. Although Chikopeck means a lecher and he is always conscious of where I use that word :P
  • Slang for a friend, basically means cousin
  • A term of endearment used by homosexual and bisexual males hailing from South India - hahahhahahahahhahhahha.. Is this the reason why some people get irritated when I call them Macha?
I don't think I care much about the meaning of the word.. For me its a word I use with people I think deserve the word.. So if I have called you 'Macha', its just coz I think you deserve that..