Monday, 19 December 2011

2011, I have learned!!

Yet another year is coming to an end! How different are we now than from the start of the year? Would we rather be what we were at the start of the year or have we grown up in a positive way this year? Have we loved enough this year, have we made a difference to someone's life this year?

Personally, I feel I have grown up a bit more this year. And have learned some good lessons:

1. I have learned that the best way of dealing with a conflict is to talk it out straight with the person in question - whether professionally or personally. If you do discuss with others, be ready to be swayed in a direction you might not want, or worst still - make a big issue of something small
2. Your work is not your life, it is just a part of your life. There are more important things in life than work.
3. Quitting is not a answer to the problems. You fight till the end, even if you fail you would have tried.
4. My worst fear is not of heights or ghosts but of losing people I love the most.
5. Health is wealth - cherish it and make all efforts to keep it in good shape!
6. The best holiday is when we go back home - it is only then that we actually rest! Take at least once a year.
7. It is important to dress up and look good :-)
8. No one else can make you feel bad about yourself unless you allow them to.
9. You need time with your girlfriends to keep you sane! My Sundays are usually booked for them.
10. Above all, I have learned that life is most beautiful when it is shared with loved ones! Find a colleague you love, love your family, spend time with your loved ones as much as you can! Happiness is right there.

3 comments: said...

health = wealth... i couldn't agree more!

ETHA said...

yup, back after long time at your blog. Work is just part of the life, only 235*8 hours = 1880 hours of your one year!

So, choose well what you do for work!

Above all, life is most beautiful when it is shared with loved ones!
That's the best part.

Jhon said...

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