Wednesday, 20 June 2007

Invitation or What???

Sometimes I feel that why do people feel obliged to invite others when they don't want them hanging around.... Not only does it spoil the mood of the host but also of the person who was invited.... I received one such birthday dinner invitation some days back..... But I am grateful that this time the host made it obvious that I have been asked only for formality's sake.... Some excerpts from our conversation:

host : hey... wat are u so excited about? :)
just curious... :) (That was my nick..... And I know that you were just curious :P But sorry honey, no gossip from my side....)
me: a lot of things : b'day coming, goin home in less than a month, my best frnd back in india got thru all medical exams n i got my first pay :)
host: Wow!! congrats! congrats! congrats! and congrats! :)
btw u free tmr evening?
me: thanks :)
host: im havin a dinner at my place.. u can also come..... (Oh wow!!!!! I am so honoured.... I won't be so honoured even if the British Queen would have invited me on her birthday.... Check out the line: "u can also come"...... ha! On a side note, the British queen shares her birthday with me.... I know I am no less :P)
me: oh....i m so sorry :)
i can't promise
host: okay just see if u can make it.. if u can, bring Jhummi along too..
if not, guess she'll be left out n bored.. (yeah yeah... so considerate of you..... Don't you think you are too full of urself??)
me: I don't think that she will be free.... She is very busy herself.... (How dare she think that Jhummi lives onher mercy)
host: chal then u enjoy urself!
me: we'll see
thanks for the invitation
host: ur welcome

So, what do you guys think about this?? Was it a respectful invitation or am I too sensitive... Actually I would have gone if Jhummi wasn't invited like this.... Points to be noted, I was invited through chatting and Jhummi was not even invited by the person... It was only through me :P

Bah, we had a much better time that night.....


Bart Simpson said...

Arey ye kya ho gaya! Mujhe to pata hi nahi tha! :P
Arey yaar.. life mein kabhi kabhi cheeni kum ho jaati hai..dil mein pyar ishq aur mohhabat ka silsila chaloo ho jaata hai.. ek chalis ki last local chhoot jaati hai.. krrish traffic signal pe aa jata hai..chingari aag laga deti hai.. jo jeet jaata hai wo alexander ho jaata hai..laila majnu bunty aur babli ban jaate hain..bas ek pal mein barsat ki ek raat yaad aa jati hai..hero no. 1 coolie number 1 ban jaata hai..don aur devdas friends ban jaate hain..gehri chaal gumrah kar deti hai..bin phere hum tere ho jaate hain..aur phir sab tujh se kete hain.. arey guru, dil pe mat le yaar.. aur guru sochta hai ki bade bade deshon mein aisi chhoti chhoti baaatein to hoti rehti hain, par jab hum chhote chhote deshon ki badi badi university mein padhte hain to kya hota hai? hai na sochne waali baat!

shubhangi said...

@ bart....

tune bilkul sahi kaha.... Log chhote chhote deshon ki badi badi unis mein padhke bhool jaate hain ki duniya mein chhoti chhoti cheezein zyaada maayne rakhti hain....

Kaash sab log yeh samajh paate!!