Friday, 2 March 2007

I hate CS1102C

Well, I think almost everyone who is doing the module CS1102C will agree with me... I hate this module so much!! I mean, its interesting but they examine us on things which they don't teach us :P

So many students have already deferred this module, still the lecturer and tutors don't get the hint, what??

Anyways, my mood is actually bad coz I will be missing the much awaited 'Tea Joy' today... The reason- CS1102C mid term tomorrow morning! I so love meeting the alumni and the trainees and fellow AIESECers... Hmmm.... But someone said it well,
"Successful people need to make some sacrifices!!"

But this time, I am not even sure if I will be successful....

And I will also miss the initial part of tomorrow's event... specially the CSR part! I so hate this module!!!!

But lets keep fighting!!
Missing eating "Garma Garam Pakode with Hari Chutney" in this rainy season....
Love you, Ma!!