Tuesday, 27 February 2007

A Very Happy Day!!!!

Wow!! I just can't describe yesterday! It was one of the best days of my life, I guess!! Firstly, I studied after a long time (after 2nd December)....and I studied Maths!! Back home in India people used to say that my first love is Maths!! Well, surely it is! I feel so satisfied and so happy after studying Maths. Its true, the kind of satisfaction you get after studying is inexpressible!! Anyways, don't get scared that today is so special just because I studied Maths... I am not so MAD :) (Paul n Nabeel, My exam was good)

Sometimes someone else's Happiness can mean everything to you, isn't it? Exactly the same happened to me! I saw someone very very special extremely happy yesterday and guess what, I was in a way a part of that person's happiness.... My 4-5 days hard-work was finally successful. I just can't forget the smile :) And I hope that the SMILE is there forever.... (Click-Click, Yesterday was a day to be cherished!!)