Tuesday, 20 February 2007

Welcome Rene!!

Well, finally after 2-3 days of excitement and waiting I got to meet the much talked about CEEDer- 'Rene'. He is from Germany and he is going to be AIESEC Singapore's IS CEEDer for about 2 months (Short period but I heard that he is very very efficient!!)

Since morning I was very excited to meet him....And my excitement was increased when Imran a.k.a. daddy, invited me to have dinner with Pamela (My Partner in Crime), Julia (An intern in HighQ) and himself. So, I met them at Somerset. And I was so very excited to meet Pam. As Imran says our wavelengths really match and he is never able to catch up with us..... Haha!! We team up together and take his case... Or simply laugh for no reason at all. We had a fillling dinner at Pizza Hut and discussed about Professors over the dinner ;)

And then Imran, Pam n I went to Changi to receive the man himself- 'Rene'. On our way, we planned everything for the much awaited 'Saturday Surprise'(Thats what I would like to call it coz I don't want you to know the details :P). Each and every detail was catered to rather meticulously. And we decided that Alvin (My Buddy) should also be involved in the plan. Jobs were delegated and it seemed just so perfect!! Then we reached Changi.

Well, we had a nice time looking for Rene. Imran coming up with the idea that whoever spots Rene first will be treated by the other two with drinks. Not such a cool idea, coz Pam n I had not seen Rene before :P

Finally, we got to meet him. Then in PGP, we talked outside K Gourmet for around 2 hrs I suppose. Our conversation ranged from AIESEC to AISEC in SIPO, AIESEC in Germany, from Dei' shyness to Vi' naughtiness and what not!! By the way, Vi had also joined us for this chit chat.

Then we all dispersed. And my 'Saturday Surprise' was all spoilt coz 'People' really need to go back home. However, I think I am fine. As long as others are happy, I am happy too :)

Just a thought! Why do people ask for time to express their feelings?? Ok, even I do that but aren't feelings spontaneous. You do not need to rehearse to express your true feelings, do you?
I mean ok, you need to set your priorities and choose the best words to express the innermost feelings but you can always show them implicitly. The explicit expression can come later. Otherwise by the time you decide to express them, the other person might have broken down....


Nabeel K said...

Good fun! I'm trying to picture Imran's face ["what?"] when you and Pam start laughing without any reason. LOL.

Didn't get that last paragraph about feelings though. Don't even know who/what you're talking about.

And Saturday Surprise? What's that?

Shub said...

Last paragraph is just for me, not for anyone else...

Saturday Surprise was a 'Surprise' which failed, so no point talking abt it..