Saturday, 17 February 2007

Mid Sem Break is HERE!!!!!

Woo Hoo....the much awaited mid sem break is finally here!!!!

Finally, after 2 days of no sleep, I slept....though only for 9 hours!!! That is not enough for 3 days! But its ok, coz when I woke up today I had a feeling of satisfaction.... Though I have a lot to catch up and do during this break, I don't have any pressing deadline.....except for the sub systems research assigned by BOSS!!!

Anyways, you shoud listen to the plans we have made for the seems that we have misunderstood it to be a year-long holiday!!! Nevertheless, every one is happy!!! Today, we had an awesome lunch... Nothing different!!! The same menu as ever but we brought it to our loyal 'adda'-R2 lounge and cracked a series of 'gandas'. By gandas I mean lame jokes!! It was so much fun.... and our lunch stretched to about an hour (this is quite normal if we are in high spirits :) )

The best came when I casually said something related to APXLDS (oops, sorry Snigdha, I mean Asia Pacific Exchange and Leadership Development Seminar)! Well, this is the way my friends normally torture me- by making me say the full forms of all the AIESEC abbreviations.... an AIESECer would understand the torture I go through.... :P

Anyways, going back to the discussion, Snigdha and Komal suddenly came up with the brilliant idea that when the juniors will come in July to NUS, they will dare them to learn the AIESEC acronyms and then speak them in front of us..... And those who are unable to do so will be scolded by MANAVI!!!!! Oops.....I have already started to pity the juniors!

By the way, I also updated my music knowledge and I heard a really beautiful song- Rozana (which means every day) from the movie Nishabd!!! The lyrics are really touching and Amitabh Bacchan has sung it really beautifully!!! Thanks Siddharth Bhaiya for sending me the song!!!

Now, I shall start trying to study...mid term tests from 26th....

Well, just a question!!! Why do Supervisors ask us to make sooo maaannnnyyyy changes and keep on stressing us??


Bart Simpson said...

woo hoo!! I luurrrvvee mid sem break :P.. u didn't include the "mid-night stroll bonanza" in the post..grr.. nvm.. next post.. :D
update soon

Confused Soul said...

Mid sem breaks are always fun.. I remember the last mid sem break when all of us had plans only to STUDY [!!!!], but ended up having fun for more than half of the break! Haha..
So do have fun, but put in a few hours of study as well, nahi to exams ke baad rona padega..hehe.. and Rozana is beautiful song.. tum rozana rozana sunti ho? :P