Friday, 29 August 2008

Passion and The Future!

Today, I realized the power of my life and the difference I can make to the world, to the future. Being present in the plenary of International Congress means that I have the brains, the talent, the skills, the passion to make a positive impact in society and make up the top 2% of the 32,000 members present in the AIESEC network. This gives me immense influence, even beyond my realization, but only for one year. I have 2 options now. To have a good impact in this 1 year or to have an unbelievable impact on the future? I can celebrate the 60 years of AIESEC’s history or work hard to make history which impacts the next 60 years of AIESEC and the world in general. If I believe in anything, I need to be BOLD. If I don’t know what I can do to change the world, I still should be BOLD anyways.

If I am lucky enough, I have 60 more years to live. Do I have a dream to change the world? What am I doing this year to achieve my dream? And now I ask you, do you have a dream to change the world, to make a difference? What are you doing to achieve it?

“If your dreams are not scary,
they are not big enough”

The very reason that I am sitting in International Congress is because I am afflicted by the passion which runs through the entire organization. But is this passion becoming my comfort zone?

Passion is scary only when its right

To experience that observe a person who is head over heels with love, the passion is terrifying, but its right coz Love is always right. Is my passion of creating a positive impact in society scary?

What difference will I make when its time for me to move on in AIESEC?
What difference will I make in the world when I am done with life.

Life is a gamble.
In the end, death always wins.
But what are you doing in the present to impact the future?
Living in fear always or being BOLD and creating the impact?

Its not about creating Your Future, but its about creating THE FUTURE!