Friday, 31 October 2008

You look so tired!!!

'You look so tired'

'Oh My God! I think you should get some sleep'

'Hey! Long Time! You have lost weight'  *I lurve this one..

'Are you feeling ok?'

'Hey Babe! Saw you at the bus stop today. Are you alright?'

'Your face is losing its colour'

'Eat well!'

'You look so dead. Go sleep!!'

Thats not all, just the most frequently used ones!
This is what happens when you are doing 6 core modules out which 5 have projects and you have missed the first half of the sem to attend an AIESEC conference in Brazil! You are on the National Team of AIESEC and are the conference manager of the biggest conference in your country which will be held in Early December. You are also assisting at Landmark education and working at the Development Office.

I am tired but happy! I now know how much I can stretch myself at one time and I am learning a lot from all these things. In one and a half months, my exams and NLDS (the conference I mentioned) will be over. On 15th december I will be free and then will go back home the very same day! Really looking forward to the break!


Vijit Hooda said...

'Sooner or later...hard work always pays off'
Keep working hard!

Guo Cheng said...

Wow, you went to Brazil. That must be fun, right?