Monday, 29 September 2008

A different Dimension!!

While talking to Udit Bhaiya, I realized how different the dimension was from which I was feeling the pain of my Nanu Passing away! I still have my exams, lab reports, assignments, meetings, classes.. Its not like it would have been in India, where I could have stopped my life for some days and cried with my family. Life is going with as fast a pace here. Nothing has changed here, even giving me the delusion that I am seeing some bad dream which will end soon. Its difficult to talk to the people back home, the way they are talking to me.

But I have got good friends who understand me well and hardly leave me alone. So, I am living a routine life. Its also bad in some respect, because there is something stuck in there which is not going out of my system. I get distracted while working and then get myself to concentrate coz I know the deadline is approaching. Nanu wanted me to do well in my studies, in my career and travel around the world. And thats what I should concentrate on doing now. Thats what will keep my Nanu happy and thats what I should devote my energy into.

Had a talk with Maa and Nani today. The strongest females I know of. Gave me a lot of strength and energy :)


cathyc said...
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cathyc said...

One thing I forgot to share from my xp in India: Indian women are amazing! The energy, will and patience in them.. Shub, you're definitely one of them. You will get thru tough times, as always ;)

Anonymous said...

Hope you are coping with everything well. Really feel sorry for what you are going through now and I believe that as you wrote, everything didn’t kill you will make you stronger!!!
Best wishes!


Tifossi said...

u will come out a stronger person