Wednesday, 8 August 2007

Being Friendly to VISAyon!!!!!

For the past few days I was really stressed because of my Turkish Visa Application... Phew!!! When yesterday, I finally submitted all my documents... a strange thought occurred to me... In the past one year, I have applied for three Visas and have had problems with all *Not that I look like a terrorist and they have refused my VISA or anything....but still... May be, this has got something to do with the fact that I always tease my friend VISAyon and hence, VISA problems... For those who don't know Visayon (Vi as I call him)... He is the Finance Head of AIESEC in Singapore, very handsome, Year 3 in Finance and perhaps the only Laotian in NUS at the moment *psst psst girls, he is single ;)

Let me take you back to July 2006 when I was all ready to come to Singapore and was happily waiting for my IPA letter which also serves as a single entry Visa... When there were only 5 days left, my family started getting a bit panicky... No VISA!!! So we had to apply for the Visa in Delhi... And I was going to get the Visa on the same day I was supposed to fly... That means No Second Chance for me... But fortunately, I got it on time *My mom got the IPA letter 2 weeks after I had left for Singapore

Then, I had to go to Malaysia for a camp in May.... I was working in May, so the Visa application delayed... And I was supposed to get the Visa one day after I was leaving for Malaysia... Whoa!!! I had to plead to the officer and he said that he will try and I can call him on the day I was leaving... But fortunately, I got the Visa, one hour before my coach was leaving for Malaysia... *What a luck!!!!!

And now the Visa for Turkey!!! Firstly, they require soooooooooo many documents.... I became mad collecting all the documents.... Here's the list and a short story behind each of these:

1. Student Status Letter:
Place: Student Service Centre Date: 6th August Time: 2 pm
I really needed the status letter that day itself but it requires minimum 3 working days to generate... Please sir, please please please please.... I really need to apply for the Visa tomorrow.. Finally the officer prints the Letter... But but Buuuuuuuuttttttt.... it reflects my wrong passport number.... This can't be done by SSC in any case... needs officers of registrar's office to make the changes and lady who does that is on leave.... Please sir, please, please, please, pleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeease... Fortunately, the lady on the next counter was listening to my pleadings... She scanned my passport and made some quick calls and the officer was doing his best *Thanks a lot both of you... Finally, I got my Status Letter by 4 pm

2. Bank Account Statement:
Place: DBS, Clementi Date: 6th August Time: 4:15 pm (Bank closes at 4:30 pm)
I asked Meera Di to transfer S$**** in my account as the transfer my mum made was 1 day late... The lady said that the bank statement requires atleast 3 working days to be generated and now the bank was also closing.... Please Ma'am, Pleeeease, Pleeeeease.... Finally she agreed to do so... She did overtime till 5:15 pm for my document :) *Thanks a lot!!! You are an angel...
But my Bank statement reflected my new address whereas my Disembarkation/Embarkation Card still showed the old one (Went to ICA to get it changed butthey said it can be changed only by 16th August)... No time to think... Have to collect my Air-Ticket from Cheryl.. She was waiting at City Hall MRT...

3. Address Proof:
Place: PGP Office Date: 7th August Time: 9:30 am
The proof takes minimum 3 days.... But I have to apply today otherwise I can't go... They generated the proof, called the OSA officer to come down and sign it for me *Thanks a lot.... Love you all.... But then, my name was mis-spelled in the proof.... Phew!!!! They just corrected it and signed on it....

Then I fill up the 40 questions in the application form and rush for the embassy..... The embassy stops collecting applications at 12 noon and I reached there by 11:25 am.... just on time...

The following docs were submitted:
1. Application form with a photo
2. Passport (original and photocopy)
3. Student pass and D/E card (original and photocopy)
4. Photocopy of travel insurance
5. Inviatation letter in Turkish and English
6. Bank statement
7. Status letter
8. Photocopy of air ticket
9. Application for difference in addresses
10. Address Proof
11. 62 S$

Hopefully, I'll get it on Friday...Otherwise no second chance as I fly on Monday!!!

Oh Visa Guardian Angel.. please help me get e Visa on time!!! VISAyon, I love you... No more teasing.... Now please let me get e Visa on Time!!!


ETHA said...

Did you get your VISA?????
Its Friday ;)