Monday, 6 August 2007

My Trip to India in pics!!!

I went to India after a year for two weeks..... I am kind of living those two weeks again and again in my mind.... Its now time to LET GO!!!! So, I thought I should share them..... I love you all sooooooooo Much and Miss you guys a lot!!!!

Me, Mummy and Papa :
I miss You soooo much

Mausi and Me

Avi, Me, Anu and my Sister Saloni:
Saloni is our Teacher and we are portraying Gandhiji's Three Monkeys

From Top to Bottom: Avi, Me, Anu and Saloni (Looking Drunk)

Re-Union at Mc.... Most of the people had gone back by the time we started torturing Ronald (I am sitting on him)

Rashika (My Best Friend) and Me

My Group (Minus Jyoti) : Me, Shivani and Rashika

"If there is sunshine always then the Earth will become a desert!!!!!"

Let go Shub!!!!!

Shooooo shooooo Good memories..... There you go at the back of my mind...... I wish I had a pensieve to let go of these memories that easily!!!