Saturday, 11 August 2007

Bitter Sweet~

Hmmm... Dunno what yesterday actually was!! A series of adventures and a mis-adventure... Well, on the whole no harm done so, I think the sweet element was more powerful than the bitter one :)..

The following things happened yesterday:
1. Woke up early after a looooooong time! Yay!! Was ready to rock the world by 7:30 am
2. Went to the Temple... The best part about yesterday! To feel the divine serenity around you, protecting you
3. Went shopping *hiks hiks...but all normal day-to-day grocery... nothing splendid about it
4. Met the people at my office (or rather once my office), got my internship certificate and allowance cheque *muah!
5. Got my turkey Visa!! Yay!! I am goin on Monday... Hurrah! *Thank you Visa Guardian Angel and Vi!!
6. Left my atm card in the machine and realized about 45 minutes later about it.. Gosh!! My heart beat gave a skip, or rather many skips... I had S$***** in my account... Not all mine, infact most of it not mine!! I still haven't finished paying S*****l S$**** for no fault of mine and could not afford to be paying this large amount.. But no harm was done... *Thank you God!! Love you!!
7. Went to NUSSU for some work...
8. Kept someone waiting for me back in India.... If you are reading this I am really sorry!
9. Watched Chak De India!! Awesome movie
10. Met Aman from NTU and had a nice conversation with him *Aman, we should meet more often, you know~

So, I left my room at 7:30 am yesterday and entered it today at 2:45 am.... But I am happy as always to be busy and to use my day soooooo constructively :)... By the way, since I was travelling soooo much yesterday, I finished reading one novel and started with the other one... So, good eh?