Monday, 13 August 2007


Though Raksha Bandhan is on 28th August, but since I will be in Turkey at that time, I tied Siddharth Bhaiya Rakhi today!!! I love this festival!!

Getting ready for the Occasion!!! Siddharth Bhaiya prepared the Roli I gave to him :)

Putting the 'Tika' on his forehead!!!

The guy I love the most in NUS *not in Singapore....hiks hiks!!!

Mwahahahahah!!! Tying the knot of sisterhood for the life-time!!! With yearly renewals.... ;) *Poor Siddharth Bhaiya under bondage now..... wakaka!!!


Praying for his success and prosperity!!!

Though both of us were not supposed to eat anything until I tie Rakhi... He already ate TIGER Biscuits... Poor me starved!!! *Buhuhuhuhu.... (We are supposed to make each other eat something sweet and break the fast!)

This is such a weird photo!!!!!

I like this pic.. Good work Shankar!!!

The Champu (Siddharth Bhaiya) and Dimpu (Shankar)!!!!!


rsubras said... hopped to ur blog.....

Great....great..great... so nice to see a post dedicated to Raksha bandhan :)... In an age where countless posts on Valentine's day and Friendship day (which are actually imported from west) are being is so nice to see our own Raksha bandhan special post....

haiyya..even my sis tied me Rakhi for this year.........for the same reason what u have mentioned :D

shubhangi said...

hey rsubras,

thanks for dropping by my blog... I think that every day has its value... and for me Raksha Bandhan is a really special occasion coz I do not have a real brother....

rsubras said...

:) yea shuba i understand...... By real if u mean, that he is not own brother, then same pinchhhhhhhh :p

and yea, I consider RB as a very special occasion as well....

Anyway IMO, it is the people involved in a relation who makes the relation real or genuine or valuable or respectable.. What say?

shubhangi said...

I agree with you... Thats why I never take these relationships for granted :D

rsubras said...

hey i have put up a post on Raksha bandhan as well.... Welcome welcome :)