Tuesday, 5 February 2008

My first Ang Pau!!!!

Yay! I got my very first Ang Pau today! For the benefit of the non-Chinese people let me explain what is an Ang Pau *Disclaimer: I am not sure if my info is accurate, but this is what I understand!

As you may know (or may not know), 7th and 8th February is the Lunar New Year or Chinese New Year! So, to celebrate the New Year people go to visit each other. Traditionally, people take 2 oranges while going to each others house. Oranges signify prosperity! People also give their guests money in red envelope. This red envelope (with its contents inside) is known as Ang Pau..... I hope whatever I wrote is correct!

My very First Ang Pau!! *Huhuhu

And today I got my first Ang Pau! And it is so special for me because it was given by one of my favourite lecturers in NUS - Dr. Winston Kwok, my FNA lecturer. I just love his way of teaching and attending his lectures is so much fun. He gave Ang Pau to 6 people in that full LT... which made it even more special! He also sang us a Chinese New Year song in the lecture. And to be honest, he sings superbly well! I think after Dr. Faizal Bin Yahya, my Singapore Studies lecturer, if I like a lecturer so much, then it is Dr. Winston Kwok :)


Won said...

Hey ya Shub, Good to know that you got your first Ang Pau. I miss receiving them too although I miss them as lai see(s) (which is Cantonese).

Lunar New Year is actually different every year! Next year it's January 26th :)

In Korea, Lunar New Year is called Seul Nal (or Seollal according to Wikipedia), and the dates are usually the same but the traditions are quite different.

Take care in the new Lunar Year :)