Tuesday, 5 February 2008

Woo Hoo!!!

Hola!! I just can't resist myself from sharing all the good news I got today from my Indian peeps *muah...

My bro, Atin (I stayed in a joint family with his family), is getting married on 4th March.... I wanna go, wanna go, wanna go... It is an Inter-religion Love Marriage *The third marriage in my generation and till now all have been inter-caste/religion love marriages...hiks hiks! But I won't be able to go there... buhuhuhu! Anyways, I am sooooooooo happy for him!

My another bro, Vijit, might be coming to Malaysia for work! *But there is a biiiiiiiiiiiig might in between :( If he comes, I'll be in Malaysia every second week and he will be in Singapore when I am not there... I just can't imagine how cool it will be! No more home-sickness *ok lor, atleast to a bit less extent...

I talked to Rashika, my best friend, after a long time for a long time... Hehe! And got very interesting updates from her... *Muah, love ya honey!

For all you peeps, stay happy and safe! Live life, love life!