Wednesday, 6 February 2008


I was having a conversation with one of my friends today when he started reading my hand!

He could read 3 prominent characteristics I have as a person! To be frank, these qualities were like soooooo true! I mean most people don't know these things about me.... *not all atleast! And he knows me very little... But he was so correct!! So, I am presenting these qualities for you to read.. *don't form any opinion about me P-lease!!:

1. I am Possessive in my relationships. Here, we are talking about all kinds of relationships.. If my Best Friend is getting close to anyone and spending more time than she is spending with me *even though she is in India and I am here, I feel JEALOUS!! I tend to get hurt because of my this characteristic *how true.. But I think that I tend to talk it out with the person if I feel that way... I like to keep my close ones always close to me.. I don't feel its a bad characteristic as most people see it.. In fact, this is the very characteristic which drives me to stay close to my close ones even when I am busy like hell!!

2. I can express and feel emotions with great intensity! Haha, people who know me well would definitely agree with this.. But something which I wasn't very conscious of is that my emotions can get a sharp drop.. Whether its an emotion for a person, situation or anything! Again, its true.. If I look back at my life, this has been evident so many times but I never was aware of it... Something I didn't know that I didn't know... This ability can make me focus on my priorities easily and also my intensity of emotions helps people to bond with me easily *only if I am interested in bonding with them...hehe!

3. I think from heart rather than mind! This is something I was always aware of. I think for me its more of my strength rather than weakness.. This characteristic gives me the power of being empathetic! And a lot of times the ability to get hurt but thanks to quality 2., I can get over it very easily..

Something consistent in all the 3 characteristics is that I am an emotional person... And you know what, I am proud to be one..

Then he asked a question I have been asked a million times, How will you survive in this materialistic and practical world?

Hmm... I have survived till now and I think more than just survived... Lets see how life turns up next!!