Friday, 21 May 2010


"mostly I wish you to learn the lesson of Acceptance.. as only through Acceptance you will find the secret of existence and you will be happy in a crowd or sitting alone, and you will use all that happens in your life, your joys and your sorrows, to become a better person, so that even death at the end will be good, because it is part of the game"
- Kuki Gallmann

It is funny that the day I accepted the solitude in which I had found refuge and serenity turned out to be the turning point of my stay in Kenya. May be that is how our mind works - the moment we accept what life throws at us, we gain the power of choosing our attitude towards it. When there was nothing much to do in my world, becoming a part of the world of the people here was the most logical solution, something which I should have done from the very first day in Kenya.. But it is never too late.

I was told by most foreigners here that one week is what it takes to like the country and it took me 1 week to fall in love with Kenya. I am sure to return here sometime with friends and family for a vacation.. And to meet all the people who have now become a part of my world and who have so graciously accepted me into theirs.


Rohan Rajiv said...

Nice one. Good point about acceptance - I find it to be true and applicable everywhere - from dealing with sorrow to even taking the right kind of decisions.

Only when we accept reality can we cope with it.. 'The only thing that is stopping us now are the stories we tell ourselves'

Shubhangi said...

Yes.. I totally agree.. and it sure does apply everywhere..

Fatima said...

TIA = This Is Africa.
Have you watched blood diamond?

shubhangi said...

Hey Fatima..

Yes, I think Blood Diamond was the sealer of my decision to come to Africa :)