Wednesday, 19 May 2010

The serenity of solitude!!

It is inevitable that you will find yourself alone at some point in life. It is therefore, very important to love to be in your own company because once you learn to do that, you might be alone but you will never be lonely - a thought which crossed my mind while reading yesterday.

It is very rarely that life is kind (read as cruel) enough to give you the space, time and loneliness needed to understand what you want from it, to get things into perspective, to be able to step back from the speed and intensity in which you had indulged yourself and to get to know yourself better. Enjoy the serenity which this experience brings - you might never get this opportunity for a very long time (this is first time that you have got it)

I have started enjoying my own company finally, something which used to make me very uncomfortable before. Solitude is known to be the most effective way to let someone lose his/her mind but if one can enjoy the quiet company of one's own self, is one really lonely? I am slowly mastering the art of going for days without having a conversation which lasts for more than the use of minimal words.

Known as the "Quiet Wasungu" here, I enjoy listening to other people without speaking a word - a part of me which I had not discovered before - A part which is only for Africa and I think which I will happily leave behind in Africa. Till then, for a month of serenity - Cheers!


Rohan Rajiv said...

Haha. I actually think the discomfort comes from fear of the solitude.

There's a nice quote from Morrie from Tuesdays with Morrie. He asks - 'Why are we so scared of silence? Why do we feel the need to always fill the airwaves?'