Saturday, 21 April 2007

Exams, yay!!

Ok, now I am not among those rare species of the world who lurve exams (the likes of Hermione Granger from Harry Potter). I don't hate them either. For me they are just a part of life! Every year we have been facing the exam period atleast 2 times since the age of 2 n 1/2. Yes, I gave exams even in my prep school and Ma has kept all my answer sheets in a very good condition to perhaps show to my children :P

The whole idea being that why do we create a fuss about this period. I actually love this period (not the exams but the period). In this short period of time, we can feel almost all the emotions we are aware of. I simply love this mixed emotions' sensation. Its just so unique and I have been able to feel it only during exams.

But as all good things have some turn offs, the exam period is no exception. No, I am not talking about exams. I am fine with them. It is the stupid pre exam period. I really hate it. Its full of so much stress, apprehensions, anxiety and all those stupid emotions.... I really hate it! Once the exams start, everything is so fast and in no time you find yourself holidaying... But this pre exam period... Uff!!

Anyways, I have managed to cross this Pre exam period successfully this time as well and have entered the exam period today. Had my Maths exam today.. It was kind of ok.. Actually I am not happy with it! But thats life...

Now, let me get back to studying for the next exam!!


Bart Simpson said...

ahem..all kinds of emotions.. yea.. we'll watch more videos..;-)

shubhangi said...

hehehehe!!! Why not??

Nabeel K said...

Hahaha! How can you love the exam period like that and LOL, feel 'mixed emotions'?! For me, this is the time I least like to study because what appears to be most mundane and boring is suddenly oh-so-interesting! And this is also the time when I'm required to study the MOST. So I'm like, how ironic.

But as far as being nerdy is concerned, this is the only time when what I study actually filters it's way through to my brain - so academics-wise it's the most beneficial because it's the only time of the semester where I gain something. So I like that part of it at least.

Btw, send me the AIESEC mission video once you get it from Sharon please.