Monday, 16 April 2007

Happy Birthday Darling!!!

Today is my darling's birthday... My sister, Sonakshi (a.k.a. Saloni, Pikachu) has turned 12!! My God, time flies! It looks as if she was born just yesterday (Sounds like a dramatic Indian Movie dialogue :P)

But seriously, I had always longed for a sister. She was born when I was 7. Coz I was a premature child and I had a hole in my heart and was on continuous medication for the first 5-6 years of my life. And hence, my parents did not want to have another child. But then the medication cured my problem and I was blessed with a sister.

She is my sweet heart. I just love her so much. She makes me so very proud! I am so lucky to be an integral part of her life..

Even though she doesn't know about my blog (I think she is too young to know about life and experience it through my posts), I would love to wish her from the bottom of my heart....


May you get whatever you want.... And remember, though I can't be present around you physically, I am always there for you!!! :)

Love you loads!!

Make Ma and Me more and more proud of yourself.....


Lunatic said...

Thats cool. I would wish her a happy birthday also, but being a jehovah's witness, i can't. but i hope its safe! i thought i would post a comment, because nobody is ever on my site, and i thought since you didnt have much comments, i would post something. so ,i hope you like that. and maybe you could even check out my site:
your sister's name sounds japanese, what nationality are you?
just wondering.