Tuesday, 17 April 2007

What do girls want??

Well, the past few days have made me realise what girls actually want when they are stressed or in some problem. They want somebody to empathetically listen to their problems. They don't want solutions (they either have them or would accept them later). They just want someone to listen them out and empathize with them, someone to make them feel that they are not alone, someone to support them, someone to make them feel secure, someone to care for them and other emotional sentences can be included (Its a long list). And all this can be done by just listening to them without butting in with the solutions to their problems..

I think all the girls generally can do it very well, its the guys who should be trained the ability of empathetic listening... What do the guys do wrong??

Firstly, they try to show their concern by providing solutions... Excuse me, girls have brains which are perhaps sharper. They know the solution, they just want to talk out their stress... Can you just lend them your ears?? I was telling one of my guy friends that I am not prepared for my exams, he replied with utmost concern, "Then study harder and prepare." Duh huh! Did you really think that if you had not told me this, I would have not studied.... Of course, I would have! I just wanted you to say, "Don't worry! I understand your situation but I am sure that you'll do well." It would have been such a morale booster...

Secondly, they try to invalidate our feelings!!!! This is the worst thing you can ever do to us... Ok, sometimes our worries might appear to have no basis ( being polite by not saying illogical) but then we are GIRLS!!!! We always have our reasons for feeling in a certain way, which you as guys cannot understand.... So, please don't invalidate our apparently illogical worries!!! Girls can always understand these feelings... Thats why my partner sent me a very empathetical mail today..... Thanks Pam!! Love ya! Guys, just give us some re-assurance....Thats all we want and need! We are not asking for something you can't give... are we??


Anonymous said...

thodi complaining type ki thi a article unlike other ones