Sunday, 13 May 2007

First Week at Work!!

First things are always very memorable....

First Day in school
First Bicycle
First Computer
First Result
First Love
First Rejection (This one is a very hurting memory)
First Day in Uni
First Day in AIESEC
First Week at Internship....

I joined my first ever internship on 7th May... I am working with the Singapore Compact for CSR... It is the Local Network of Singapore for the United Nations Global Compact and housed in the Singapore Business Federation! The best thing about working with the Singapore Compact is that I am working for a cause I believe in so much - CORPORATE SOCIAL RESPONSIBILITY!!!!

Let me take you back to December 06 (I didn't know about CSR till then). I attended AIESEC NLDS 06 and there a session was conducted by my mentor, Dei, (who was not my mentor then) and Vijit (my cousin who was the then LCP of AIESEC Delhi IIT and now the incoming MC VP PD of AIESEC in India). This session really inspired me a lot... I approached Shin, MC VP ER AIESEC in Singapore, and told him that I wanted to work on a project on CSR. He helped me and then I became the OCP of the CSR Project. My team came up with a manual on how SMEs can incorporate CSR practices in a cost effective way. Singapore Compact endorsed the manual and offered Shin and me internships which we accepted.

And finally we started our internship last week... My office!!! Gosh, its so good... Its like one of those dream offices you always wanted to work in... It has a LIBRARY... What more can I ask for?? And free flow of guess guess.... My fav drink MILO.. Woo Hoo!! I drink Milo the whole time..

But more importantly, I like the ambience of the place. I have got the most ideal employers - Mr. Thomas and Jeffrey. And then there is Ker Sin who takes good care of us!! And then Allie, Shin and I have formed a nice cosy group.... I think Shin's presence makes my internship even more exciting coz we can crack the AIESEC jokes if we need to refresh ourselves or just talk about anything at all... My perception about him has changed quite a bit!! Not that I ever had a negative impression about him - He is one of the three people coz of whom I have had a fulfilling AIESEC experience but I thought that he was not among the types who would become personally close to his colleagues in a short period of time... Well, I was wrong (He is a Gemini after all ;))

I just love my office and my internship :D


Won said...

absolutely motivating :)

Bart Simpson said...

you forgot to mention about your first wife :P