Monday, 7 May 2007

Eventful Semester!!

Well, my semester ended on 2nd May technically but I am blogging about it now.... This semester was so very eventful.... It had so many ups n downs....

A list of things which happened:

  1. Got my AIESEC Mentor
  2. Came close to Snigdha and Manavi
  3. Came close to Dei and Imran
  4. Getting to know Sharon n Pam
  5. Started CSR Project
  6. Became the President of AIESEC in NUS
  7. Broke my leg
  8. Lost my hand phone
  9. Have to pay the stupid S****** bill
  10. Selected the Vikings (They make me really proud)
  11. Attended APXLDS
  12. Chosen as the Best delegate in APX
  13. Made awesome friends
  14. Realized the truth of life : Sab ****** hain, and All men are ****.....
  15. Had the power to be genuine to my feelings
  16. Knew who were actually my friends
  17. Became a Stronger person
  18. Didn't study at all
  19. Came to know myself a bit more
  20. Enjoyed a lot...

What a semester!!

And these are just the Big things... I haven't listed down those small yet important things....

If I compare the Shubhangi I am now, and what I was in December..... I can see a vast difference!!


rené said...

Heee... were you keeping a list over the semester or did you remember from memory?

Won said...

I could probably make a list a little bit less intense as yours starting last December!

Bart Simpson said...

i shall hold your not mentioning my name even once against you for the rest of our lives :P

shubhangi said...

Hi rene,

I just remembered... These all are significant events :)

The less significant ones are not even mentioned

shubhangi said...

hehe won,

it is just that this sem has been a bit too much for me to handle!!

I hope the next sem is not too intense...

shubhangi said...

Darling simpson,

you are an integral part of my life, my room and nowadays even my bed.... all this cud not have been possible without u :)

it is just that u r too close to be seen separately....hehe

Anonymous said...

namasté namasté shubhagi!

thanks for the blog link!
interesting discoveries on you!
your comments on 'what girls want' need a man's reply some day!
eye-opening what you write!
keep it up!
in brussels, belgium

shubhangi said...

hey jovin,

why don't you reply to 'what girls want'?? hehe
eye-opening!!!! Thanks!

Eastmancolour said...

what kinda semester WAS that???

you and Bart both!